T20 World Cup 2016 India Squad

ICC T20 World Cup 2016 Indian Team Squad

indian squad for icc t20 world cup 2016

India Squad for T20 World Cup 2016

T20 world cup 2016 india team players list will be placed here. It’s a fact that India showed the world how to play T20 on the big stage. Thanks to Yuvraj’s belligerence and Dhoni’s unflinching coolness, India won the inaugural edition. Its performance has left much to be desired in the following editions.

This T20 World Cup 2016 will be played on Indian turf. Thus, India starts off at a vantage point from where it can check out operations and make a few fundamentals. It will depend heavily on the new cynosure in Virat Kohli; who many feel is the innate reflection of the legend himself – Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar.

Players to watch for

With Rohit, Raina, Shikhar and Dhoni himself, the batting is pretty structured and formidable. Where they perennially fail is in the bowling department. They may have a few spinning stunners but are almost blank in the pace department.

A case for improvement

Fielding wise, India has improved considerably from the deadpan attitude of eighties, but they still fall woefully short of Australian or South African standards. In totality, they are a team of bits and patches, which may seek the day to explode or crumble.

The X factor

While the world cries pantheons on Dhoni and Kohli, the actual x factor of India in T20 is Suresh Raina. He has performed inexplicably handsomely in different seasons of IPL and knows most tracks like his right palm.

We feel that the team which updates itself best with the changing rules and the syntax of the game will have the best chance to rule the roost. India will thus have to be on the button, even as predictors frame it as one of the favorites to bag the Cup along with South Africa.

The crowd will be behind Dhoni even as halcyon days stare him in the eye if he takes India to the crown. We hope! T20 World Cup 2016 India squad will be placed below.

T20 World Cup 2016 India Squad

T20 world cup 2016 india players will be placed below;

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