T20 World Cup 2016 Pakistan Team

Pakistan T20 Squad for 2016 World Cup

Pakistan T20 Squad for 2016 World Cup

Pakistan Cricket Team Squad T20 World Cup 2016

T20 world cup 2016 pakistan team squad will be placed here. Pakistan has always been an unpredictable team; so much so that they hardly know who will be their Captain when they wake up in the morning. Perpetually laced by explosions and turbulences, it’s a miracle how they have still survived the test of time.

Their greatest weapon

Their bowling has been their greatest weapon and the way Wahab Riaz turned Shane Watson spellbound in the recently concluded world cup is a positive sign. The fact the team has four bowlers who can throw at a speed of 140 kmph is mesmerizing enough.

They have a few dependable batsmen as well in Shahzad, Saeed and Akmal. Of course we cannot ignore the brimstone and fire that a certain Shahid Afridi can generate. Yet we feel they are a bit unbalanced in the willow discipline.

Pathetic fielding

Their fielding tells its own story with players having more holes than buckets in their hands. It’s amusing to note the expressions of Pakistan followers when there is a skier to be caught. We just hope they turn over a new leaf in the fielding department this T20 world cup 2016.

One of their major problems is an absolute lack of match practice. Most countries think twice before visiting Pakistan and this allows them a meager fare. When you consider that you feel like admiring how they keep on ushering decent performances in important cricketing tournaments. They were actually the winners of the second edition of T20 World Cup.

The conditions are going to suit them and the allotted months of March and April will offer genial weather. The stage is therefore set for a graded performance by this unpredictable team if it manages to rise above the petty differences that it has a knack of creating. It’s almost sure that most of their matches will be closely contested issues, if a tad low-scoring. ICC t20 world cup 2016 pakistan squad will be placed below.

Pakistan Squad for T20 World Cup 2016

ICC t20 world cup 2016 pakistan team squad will be placed below;

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