T20 World Cup 2016 Schedule

ICC World Twenty20 Time Table

Twenty20 World Cup 2016 Schedule

ICC T20 World Cup 2016 Schedule Fixtures Time Table will be placed here. T20 World Cup has grown its feathers; and attracted 24 countries in the fray. While 10 are full members of ICC and earn natural invitation; it is good note that 14 associate members are also piling their weight to get an entrance into the big league.

The qualifying weight

Most of the 14 associate teams may not be a patch on the full members; but some of them like Ireland and Kenya certainly command attention; especially Ireland. No one can forget its raging performance in the just finished ICC World Cup 2015 (50 over) and we wait to see whether it can transfer that weight to the shorter format as well.

Logic of the qualifiers

The qualifiers among the 14 countries, divided into 2 groups of 7 will be played between July 6th and 26th; and the top 6 teams will then face Bangladesh and Zimbabwe in March 2016, wherein the top two teams there will meet 8 full members to form the quotient.

The top 8 teams

On an expository note; the 8 teams are England, India, Pakistan, Australia; Sri Lanka, South Africa; West Indies and New Zealand. Therefore, it is easily discernible that the T20 World Cup is on an upward curve.

The actual magic starts from 11th March 2016 to 3rd April 2016. The full schedule will be on paper sometime in September. Some things are however almost certain. For instance, India and Sri Lanka will be involved in the first two matches; one being the host and the other being the defending champion. Also, India and Pakistan’s matches will be strategically placed, perhaps on weekends as they are the major revenue earners.

The whole format is quite enticing and here is hoping that the World Cup stands up to all the excitement brewing in the cup. ICC World Twenty20 2016 Schedule, Time Table will be placed below.

Schedule of ICC T20 World Cup 2016

ICC T20 Cricket WorldCup 2016 Schedule Fixtures will be placed below;

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